Tassielink Introducing a common ticketing system

Introduction of a common ticketing system update


The new common ticketing system is still in the roll out process and will now be introduced during the month of February 2015.

 As each service becomes live on the new system, customers may purchase a Greencard , which can be used across different buses on different routes between Metro and Tassielink.

As this will be a common ticketing system in conjunction with Metro Tasmania there will be considerable changes from the Tassielink smartcard product over to the new Greencard product.

The card will have an electronic purse only (rather than trips) and provide 20% discount on fares as and when the card is used.

 Whether you travel on Tassielink or Metro services, the relevant fare for your journey will automatically be deducted from this electronic purse, providing more flexibility on the services you use.

 For example, travel from Newtown to Hobart and swipe the Greencard on Metro and the Metro fare is deducted.

Then travel from Hobart to Huonville and the Tassielink fare will be deducted.

 Currently, these cards can be purchased through Metro only.  After the installation of the new system, cards will be available via Tassielink and be recharged online on the Metro website, Metro App, Metro Shop in the Elizabeth Street bus mall or on board our Tassielink buses.

 There are also 17 Greencard agents around Tasmania that can top-up your card. You can find these at http://www.metrotas.com.au/fares/greencard/greencard-agents/

 The common ticketing system will also provide access to the Greencard journey planner and the Metro App for Tassielink and Metro services.

 Tassielink Multiriders will be phased out and customers will be advised to start using the trips they have left on their Tassielink Multiriders and school cards.

 School students will need to apply for a Greencard through Metro. Student free cards will still need to be applied for with Department of State Growth and then they will be programmed by Metro.

As the new system is introduced across our network student single fares will now be

 $1.40 per trip and the Greencard fee $1.10 per trip

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