Why fly when you can sail to Tassie

When taking a vacation to Tasmania, you will need to decide if you would rather fly or take a ship to get to the island. With so much to see and do on the scenic island, your transportation will need to be determined.

There are several benefits in sailing on the Spirit of Tasmania ship instead of flying in a plane. If you bring your own vehicle onto the ship, you will be able to bring as many items as you can stuff inside. You will have no weight restriction. Having your own vehicle on the island is a huge benefit. You will not need to look for a car rental service, or pay for one. There is no need to hail a taxi. You will not need to pay for airport parking. This is a great alternative for a family with small children that would rather have the comforts of their vehicle than the frustration with airport check-ins and restrictions.

On the ship, you will not need to worry about being stuck in one seat where you are limited to your mobility. You will have as much room as you wish to move around without being right next to the person next to you. You will be able to enjoy fine dining, entertainment, an arcade, and movies. You will be able to walk around at your leisure, enjoying the view from the deck.

If you would like to have a cabin to stay in for the duration of the trip, they are available with beds, toilet and shower included. There is a medical doctor on board the ship for anyone that has an illness or ailment. The trip will take approximately 9-11 hours from Melbourne or Devonport. The ship leaves both locations most nights.

If you have a pet, you are allowed to bring it with you on the ship. This is for cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs or rabbits. Amphibians and reptiles must stay home. You can even send a vehicle over for a friend that is already on Tasmania, if desired. You would need to check it in as freight.

If you do not have a vehicle of any kind, you will be able to take bus transportation with Tassielink when you arrive in Tasmania. Tassielink buses are available to get you to all the major routes around Tasmania. Check our map for route details.


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