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Changes to the Huon Valley timetable August 18th 2019 Click here for details or for New Timetables click here 

Service changes from Sunday 20th January

  • A more direct route for Dover and Geeveston services, with services no longer diverting via Longley/Leslie Vale. The route to Geeveston will no longer divert to School Road, passengers will need to walk to the central bus stop at Honeywood Lane
  • Dover services will start and finish at Dover, services will no longer extend to Ramiena due to very low patronage

  • A more direct route for Huonville residents, services from Huonville will commence at Ranelagh and then travel onto Huonville, this allows the full length of Main Street to be serviced. Services will also no longer divert via Longley/Leslie Vale
  • All Cygnet services will travel via Huonville, no services will travel via Nicholls Rivulet due to low population density and low patronage. Passengers at Nicholls Rivulet will need to either travel to Cygnet or to Oyster Cove to catch a bus. The route through Cygnet will start at the junction of Esplanade Road/Channel Highway and travel via the Mary Street car park and then via the Channel Highway to Huonville. The service will no longer divert via Christina/Louisa Street in Cygnet or via Nolan Crescent in Kingston

  • An increase in the frequency of Huonville services
    • On average buses will depart every 30 minutes during peak times and hourly for the rest of the day
    • There will be a two hourly service on Saturday and Sunday
    • 29 services on school days
    • 10 services on weekends
  • A reduction in Ranelagh services, as this area has low patronage. Ranelagh passengers will need to travel to Huonville to access more frequent services
    • Nine services on school days
    • No weekend services
  • A slight increase in the frequency of services to Geeveston
    • 16 services on school days
    • Six weekend services
  • An increase in frequency of services to Dover, including new weekend services
    • Six services on school days
    • Four new weekend services
  • The weekday frequency to Cygnet will remain similar, but weekday services will be more evenly spread throughout the day providing more travel options
    • Six weekday services
    • Four weekend services
  • Hobart College will continue to be serviced, some services will divert into Hobart College, some transfers may be required at Kingston central
  • Longley and Leslie Vale will no longer be serviced, these areas have very low patronage and the diversion adds travel time for the rest of Huon Valley passengers. Passengers will need to catch services on the Huon Highway either at the junction of Sandfly Road or Leslie Road

  • Hobart CBD stop changes, Huon Valley services will pick up passengers at stop P (Franklin Square contra flow lane) this allows services to be integrated with Metro Kingston and Channel services. Services will no longer pick up and drop off at Brisbane Street or Murray Street. Services will continue to drop off passengers at Macquarie Street
  • Route numbers will change for Huon Valley services:
    • Dover to Hobart: 718
    • Dover to Hobart via Ranelagh: 719
    • Geeveston to Hobart: 716
    • Ranelagh to Hobart: 712
    • Kingston to Ranelagh 711
    • Cygnet to Hobart: 714
    • Cygnet to Kingston: 715 

      *a service is a one way trip, so 10 services usually means five return trips

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