How to use our bus service

Before you travel

  • Read the timetable on the internet or at your bus stop
  • Your timetable lists the major bus stops
  • Coincide your timetable trip with your route number (displayed on the destination sign at the front of the bus)>
  • Always get to the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the advertised departure times

Getting on the bus

  • Stand safely where the driver can see you
  • Raise your arm to indicate to the driver you want to board the bus (Hail)
  • Have your money ,ticket or smart card ready before you board
  • Give way to passengers exiting the bus
  • When you board touch your smart card to the card reader, show the driver your pre – purchased ticket, or buy your ticket from the driver.

Travelling on the bus

  • After boarding, move towards the back of the bus first, if no seats are free, hold on to a fitted safety handle.
  • Always offer your seat to passengers with special needs, such as a person with disability.
  • It is important that you abide by the travelling” Code of Conducts” which are displayed in the buses and on our web site

How to buy a ticket

All tickets can be purchased from your driver or at our terminals and ticket agents including Travel and Information Centres. You may also call 1300 300 520 to pre purchase tickets on our bookings preferred services.