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Our Vision

Be a leader in developing and maintaining sustainable transport needs.
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COVID-19/Coronavirus advice to all our passengers

May 2022

Tassielink Transit is responding to the emerging novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak under the guidance of the Tasmanian Government (Department of Health),
Mask Update
You must still wear a face mask on public transport unless you:• are aged under 12 years or undertaking primary education• have medical certification (or other documentation from a medical practitioner) of a physical or mental health, condition or disability that makes wearing a fitted mask unsuitable.
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Latest Network updates

Hobart park and ride facilities
Hobart park and ride facilities
Tassielink wishes to advise that the 4.05pm 796 Launceston to Cressy will have a delayed departure of at least 30 mins. Tassielink apologises for the inconvenience. Please remain at your stops and we will be with you as soon as possible. Please monitor for any updates. please use following link for service updates

Our Vision

be a leader in developing and maintaining sustainable transport needs

Our Mission

to deliver safe, reliable and efficient public transport services

We have clear expectations of how we will work together to achieve our vision and mission.


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