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Tassielink wishes to advise all customers. Monday 10th June is a Public Holiday. All Tassielink services will be operating to the Sunday/Public Holiday timetables. Normal weekday school holiday timetables will recommence Tuesday 11th June.
Bus services benefit the entire community and it is important that we recognise what we can all do to have them operate safely, effectively and fairly. To help make travel more enjoyable for you and fellow users please remember the following Conditions of Travel.
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Concessions from 19th Jan 2020

Changes to Concessions from 19th Jan 2020

The Tasmanian Government provides public transport concessions to ensure those most in need have access to essential services. Concessions are provided to students, people on low incomes, people with a disability, older Tasmanians and those who have served their country or community. As part of the changes to improve public transport a set of common concessions for adults will be applied across Tasmania, creating a fairer concession system for Tasmanians. These changes came into effect on 19 January 2020.

Previously there have been two sets of different concessions – one for urban areas and another for non-urban areas. The main change is that any concession card accepted on the urban network, will also be accepted on the non-urban network. Concession fares in non-urban areas will continue to be distance-based fares, set at half the price of a full adult fare.

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