Green Card

Tassielink Transit has a common ticketing system with Metro Tasmania and shares the functions of the Greencard.

A Greencard uses smart card technology. Users can load the card with credit and enjoy a 20% discount on regular fares. When you board a bus, the cost of the trip is deducted from your balance. When your travel credit is getting low, you simply top it up with new credit and use it over and over again.

Your Greencard is set with information including your default trip and your concession details, so the correct fare is automatically deducted and you are debited the correct amount. When you board a Tassielink or Metro bus, simply tap your Greencard on the driver’s ticket machine.

The cost of your journey together with the remaining travel credit balance on your card will be displayed on the customer display facing you.

For further Greencard information click on Greencard to be directed to the Metro Tasmania Greencard website

Green Card